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Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) Certifications

MSPO 2530 refers to the Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) standard series numbered 2530. This series of standards is a comprehensive set of guidelines and criteria developed by the Malaysian government to promote sustainable practices within the palm oil industry. The MSPO 2530 standards are designed to ensure that the cultivation, processing, and trade of palm oil products align with environmental, social, and economic sustainability principles.

Certification Standards:

  • MSPO 2530: Part 2.1 – Independent Smallholders (less than 40.46 hectares)
  • MSPO 2530: Part 2.2 – Organised Smallholders (less than 40.46 hectares)
  • MSPO 2530: Part 3.1 – Oil Palm Plantations (40.46 hectares to 500 hectares)
  • MSPO 2530: Part 3.2 – Oil Palm Plantations (more than 500 hectares)
  • MSPO 2530: Part 4.1 – Palm Oil Mill
  • MSPO 2530: Part 4.2 – Palm Oil Processing Facilities
  • MSPO 2530: Part 4.3 – Dealers

MSPO Update:

Transition Requirements:

Certificate holders, applicant CBs, and ACBs must adhere to the MSPO Certification Scheme 2023 document’s requirements during the transition audit against MS2530:2022 standards series.

New MSPO certification applications are temporarily on hold, except for Part 4-3 (Dealers).

Transition period: August 1, 2023, to December 31, 2024.


Industry Recognition: The MSPO certification is recognized both nationally and internationally as a mark of responsible palm oil production. When applying for licenses from MPOB, having this certification can enhance the credibility of the applicant, showcasing their commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.

Access to Licenses: As mentioned in the provided information, obtaining certain licenses for activities within the palm oil industry may require compliance with MSPO certification. Meeting this requirement opens up opportunities to apply for and receive licenses from MPOB for various activities related to palm oil production and trade.

Market Access: The MSPO certification is increasingly recognized by global markets as an indicator of sustainability. This recognition can facilitate market access for palm oil and palm oil products, ensuring that products meet the sustainability expectations of environmentally conscious consumers and businesses.

Long-Term Sustainability: The MSPO certification focuses on sustainable practices, including environmental conservation and social responsibility. By obtaining the certification, license applicants contribute to the long-term sustainability of the palm oil industry, which is becoming more crucial in a world increasingly concerned with environmental impact.

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