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MS 1480 Certification

MS 1480:2019 is a standard related to food safety, specifically the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system. It provides guidelines and requirements for managing food safety hazards throughout the entire food chain, from preparation and processing to distribution and sale. This standard aims to ensure that food is safe for human consumption by identifying, assessing, and controlling potential hazards.


Save on export cost and time: Health certificate can be obtained within 3 working days instead of 19 working days from Ministry of Health Malaysia

Enhanced Food Safety: MS 1480:2019 helps organizations establish effective control measures to manage hazards and ensure the safety of food products. Organizations can identify and control critical control points in their processes. This reduces the likelihood of hazards affecting the safety of food products.

Global Compliance: The standard is aligned with international standards and guidelines, including those established by the Codex Alimentarius Commission. This alignment facilitates international trade by demonstrating adherence to widely accepted food safety practices.

Market Access: Certification to MS 1480:2019 provides organizations with a competitive advantage in the global market. It indicates that the organization’s food safety management system meets internationally recognized standards, giving them an edge over non-certified competitors.

Brand Reputation: Adhering to MS 1480:2019 showcases an organization’s commitment to food safety. This commitment can enhance the brand’s reputation, build consumer trust, and attract business opportunities.

Who need this?

Those in food businesses in any sector involved in:

  • Food processing
  • Food preparation
  • Food manufacturing
  • Handling, supplying or offering food for sale
  • Food transporting and distribution
  • Food packaging and storing
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