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GRS & RCS: Sustainable Textile Certifications

GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) exemplify the sustainable evolution of the textile industry, providing certifications that champion the use of recycled materials. These standards contribute to a circular economy approach, where the reutilization of resources is at the forefront, minimizing waste and maximizing the value of materials.

Standard Requirements Global Recycled Standard Recycled Claim Standard
  (GRS 4.0) (RCS 2.0)
Minimum Claimed Material Content 20% 5%
Environmental Requirements V X
Social Requirements V X
Chemical Restrictions V X
Labeling requirements Minimum 50% of recycled content RCS 100 – product composed of 95% or higher of recycled fiber
  RCS Blended – product composed of higher 5% but less than 95% recycled fiber


GRS Certification
Recycling Standard Level of recycling material
Gold Standard 95%-100% recycled materials
Silver Standard 70%-95% recycled materials
Copper Standard not less than 30% recycled materials



The significance of GRS and RCS certifications transcends conventional practices, forging a path towards resource-efficient and eco-conscious textile production:

Resource Conservation: GRS and RCS certifications advocate for the integration of recycled materials, thus reducing the demand for virgin resources. This fundamental shift contributes significantly to preserving finite resources and mitigating the environmental impact of resource extraction.

Consumer Appeal: In an era of heightened environmental awareness, consumers are increasingly drawn to products that reflect sustainable values. GRS and RCS certifications provide a clear signal to environmentally conscious consumers, aligning with their aspirations for responsible consumption.

Supply Chain Transparency: The certifications offer a lens into the journey of materials, ensuring transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain. This accountability guarantees that the recycled materials used in textiles indeed originate from sustainable sources.

Who need this?

GRS and RCS certifications hold tremendous significance for entities deeply engaged in the textile sector:

Textile Manufacturers: For manufacturers, GRS and RCS certifications signal a commitment to sustainable practices. These certifications reflect a shift towards a circular economy model, transforming waste into valuable resources.

Brands and Retailers: Brands and retailers gain a competitive edge by offering certified sustainable textile products. These certifications enhance consumer trust and demonstrate a dedication to responsible sourcing and production.

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