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GMP Plus (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certification

GMP Plus, an emblem of excellence in animal feed safety and quality, constitutes an internationally recognized certification scheme. This scheme is purposefully designed to cover the entire spectrum of activities related to the production, storage, transport, and trade of animal feed and its derivatives. GMP Plus certification emerges as a benchmark for responsible practices within the animal feed industry.

Key Benefits of GMP Plus Certification:

The significance of GMP Plus certification echoes across multiple dimensions, all contributing to enhanced feed safety and industry credibility:

Feed Safety: GMP Plus certification stands as a sentinel of safety, guaranteeing the quality and integrity of animal feed and associated products. This certification resonates with consumers and industry stakeholders alike, underscoring the commitment to safeguarding animal health and well-being.

Market Access: Certified organizations gain a pivotal advantage by gaining entry into international markets that prioritize feed safety and quality. GMP Plus certification becomes a key to unlocking global opportunities and expanding business horizons.

Regulatory Compliance: The GMP Plus framework aligns harmoniously with regulatory requirements and industry standards. This compliance not only averts legal complications but also reinforces an organization’s proactive stance toward maintaining the highest safety benchmarks.

Risk Mitigation: Implementing GMP Plus serves as a proactive strategy to mitigate the risks associated with feed contamination and related challenges. By identifying and addressing potential hazards, this certification fortifies an organization’s ability to provide safe and consistent animal feed.

Who need this?

Feed Manufacturers: For organizations at the core of animal feed production, GMP Plus certification is a pivotal affirmation of their commitment to producing safe and high-quality feed. It underscores the ethical responsibility of these manufacturers in safeguarding animal health.

Suppliers and Distributors: Entities engaged in the distribution and supply of animal feed benefit from GMP Plus certification as it fortifies their role in ensuring that safe and reliable feed reaches various points within the industry.

Consulting Approach (Graphic)

  1. Layout Review
  2. Training
  3. Documentation
  4. Implementation
  5. Certification

Consulting Approach (Graphic)

  1. Training
  2. Documentation
  3. Implementation
  4. Certification
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