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GMP NPRA (Good Manufacturing Practice by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency)

GMP NPRA is a certification specific to the pharmaceutical industry in Malaysia. It ensures that pharmaceutical products are manufactured, tested, and distributed in accordance with established quality and safety standards.


Product Quality: GMP NPRA certification guarantees the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products.

Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with GMP NPRA ensures adherence to Malaysian regulations for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Consumer Trust: GMP NPRA-certified pharmaceuticals inspire consumer confidence in product safety and effectiveness.

Who Needs This Certification:

Pharmaceutical manufacturers and organizations involved in the production and distribution of pharmaceutical products in Malaysia should consider GMP NPRA certification.

Why They Need This Certification:

GMP NPRA certification is essential for organizations seeking to uphold pharmaceutical quality and safety standards, comply with regulations, and enhance consumer trust.

How We Can Help:

Our ISO consulting firm specializes in guiding pharmaceutical organizations through the GMP NPRA certification process. We offer expert guidance in implementing GMP-compliant practices, conducting audits, and achieving certification.

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